Trying to fit in?

Why am I trying to fit in? With every passing day, I find more of my energy is being wasted in trying to obey popular rules framed by the clueless society. Nonetheless, I have tried to defy few of them. And my conscious asks me sarcasticly, ‘Oh really?’.

The desperation to try to fit in is equally pathetic to trying to be different. Traveling is the time when I honestly introspect, and I have just realized, I suck at being myself for sometime now.

I never used to think of what I am wearing or what ideas do people conceive from appearence, what should be ideal bite size when I am eating or is sauce/butter sticking to my face somewhere, what will someone think if I am initiating conversation for no reason and so on. I should go through my decision making and thought process to settle down this uneasiness for once. Either embrace my raw approach and leave opinions of others for their own or try to be sophisticated and fit in. Or simply do whatever what I want and don’t give a f***about anything else.

What I have decided?

To not to think much when it comes to personal !

And first test comes soon after.

Should I publish this post or not.

The draft is saved.

(After two hours, I am sitting in a Restrobar and anwer is on one of its walls… 🙂 )

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  1. I agree. If ur mind is saying to you ,This is correct !!! then ,u must go for it. why should we boter abopurt what people gona think. Either you do ggod or bad , People gonna think by their routine way. As per OSHO said,”सबसे बड़ा रोग क्या कहेंगे लोग। ..You need not to follow the people when you all time. & the best part is you are wise enough 2 follow ur Heart.


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