Top qualities of ‘Effective Teacher’ !

(What are the top qualities of an effective teacher? What makes them stand out? This was the question we asked ourselves in ‘Weekly Teachers Meet’ at Disha Edupoint dated 8th May, 2018. We had a great group discussion and I am trying to put down the crux of our discussion here.)


Teachers are nation builders. Because we shape future citizens, technicians, scientists, bureaucrats, politicians and all the building blocks of the system. Hence, we teachers need to sharpen our skills to create maximum impact in very subtle way. So what are the qualities a teacher should have or strive to acquire to become ‘Effective Teacher’?


  1. A teacher should be able to develop a friendly relationship with students. Earning students trust helps a teacher to create a positive environment in and out of classroom. Remember, learning sessions are more productive when everyone is into it and it cannot be forced. Students should find a friend, philosopher and guide in teacher.


  1. A teacher should respect the student as an individual. Hence whenever we are interacting with students we need to understand our limits. We have to make sure, our efforts are motivating her/him to introspect, identify own mistakes and improve.

    Richard Feynman


  1. Teachers should have caring and kind personality. Teachers should have a practiced patience and compassion. They should be patient listeners. When you try to bring about the change forcibly, it’s very unlikely to happen and also damages the communication channel. Teachers should encourage the students to discuss, ask questions and even disagree. It’s ok if we don’t know answers sometimes and asking students permission to answer it later.


  1. A great teacher always finds a way to get students involved in process of learning. There are many tools like examples, stories, humor, live demonstrations etc. A teacher used them wisely.


  1. A teacher should be a good communicator. Modulations of sound help to put forth our point effectively. But content, selection of words and small simple sentences are more important. Ultimately, our goal is to help the student learn and not to impress her/him.


  1. Teacher should be aware of social, emotional and cognitive abilities of a student. Some students cannot communicate due to lack of social skills. Teacher should be able to communicate properly with shy students too and develop their confidence. The emotional strength also affects how a student learns. Teachers should also consider the cognitive ability of the individual to set her/him on the best suited learning curve.

Every child is different. If we understand her/him and then try to teach taking care their individual needs, we do better as teachers.


  1. Teachers should have high expectations from students. It should motivate student to do better and have higher expectations. It fuel student’s efforts to succeed. Teacher should develop this skill where he can inspire students to do better and not get discouraged by where he stands.


  1. A teacher must have very good and updated knowledge of his subject. He/she should keep reinventing the method of instruction he/she use to teach. He/she should be able to construct a complete learning experience, which does not only include the lecture but other innovative tools/activities to be used in and out of the classrooms. Students learn more by doing rather than just listening and watching.


  1. Teachers should be passionate about their profession. Dedication towards teaching will bring out best in you. When you want your students to succeed, you will find the ways to make yourself more effective.


  1. Give time for yourself. Read. Learn from others. A good learner is a better teacher. Think on your strategies. Reinvent !


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