Thumb rules of Good Parenting

(The following article contains bullet points from Parenting Seminar I delivered at couple of schools. Hope it will be helpful.)

Dear Parents,

• Of all the organizations we are part of, the most underestimated and neglected organization is our family. We all need to find a way out to utilize most of the potential of this team called family. We need to take time to sit together regularly, set goals and help each other out to achieve more individually as well as a team.

• The youngest members of this team, children, are the ones ‘our beloved organization’ need to invest most of our efforts and time in. To raise a child to his/her full potential is the best way to contribute to the nation and the world.

Be involved in your childs life. Take out time to talk, read and play with them.

• To raise a child properly, parents must shape themselves up. Development of a child and parent goes hand in hand. (Take time to read and learn.)

• The way we behave with our children or to other in their presence is the thing which impacts their personalities most. What we do matters. We need to stop our abrupt and agitated responses. Our responses should be calculated ones to have desired effects and learning for the child.

• Love your child. But love doesn’t mean lowered expectations or gifts. We often replace our love for child with the facilities, material possessions etc. Motivate them to achieve more without pressurizing.

• Be involved in your childs life. Take out time to talk, read and play with them. Give your undivided attention to them for some fixed time daily. Don’t do their work, but be there to support and guide them.

• Pay close attention to your childs special needs if any. Many a times, underperformance is caused by some learning disability. Take professional help in these cases.

• Results are like the Pathological Results. It tells us where the improvement is needed. Don’t use the results to only shout at your child. Results depend on way of evaluation too. (Don’t run after artificially perfected results only to satisfy you.) It’s okay to get less percentage, just ensure your child is learning. Can understand what he/she heard or read in lines and further, between the lines.

• We should set and follow the rules of behavior. Involve your child in making policies on use of TV, mobile etc. Don’t micromanage your child and his behavior, but establish broad guidelines.

• Nurture you child. Create an environment which helps him/her to be sensible person of independent thoughts. Remember, independence and voicing opinions is not disobedience. These are virtues, not vices.

• Develop your child to be patient, to listen to others, to help others and to coexist. Make him/her understand importance of ecology, water, soil conservation.

• Be consistent with your efforts as parent.

• Avoid harsh disciples. Never hit your child.

• Explain your rules and decisions, in age appropriate manner. Satisfy their queries.

• Treat your child with respect. It’s equally important to treating our elders respectfully.


Write. I would love to hear your views.