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Re-Introduction to Mathematics

Re-Introduction to Mathematics. Because you have studied this subject and know it. But do we know it’s true nature? I think, it will take a lifetime or more to do so. Let’s start now and see how far we can go. Find the video lecture on this topic. (In this video, the sound quality is a little low and there is noise. We will fix that from next videos. For now, I request you to focus on topic.)

Outline of Lecture:

(Part I)

1) What is mathematics?

2) Axioms and Theorems.

3) Implication and Double Implication

(Part II)

4) Proofs and Types of Proofs

5) Examples

6) Are axioms always true?

2 thoughts on “Re-Introduction to Mathematics

  1. Dhiraj

    Sir your lecture always give us new learning.

Write. I would love to hear your views.

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