Dancing your way through the turbulence… !

Yesterday, I was thinking, what do I love more? Life or death? Answer, obviously, was far-off from my reach then !

But ‘the turbulent flight’ AI 629 from Mumbai to Nagpur today (June 9th), followed by a glass of Beer helped me to the answer. It’s relative! I am not sure what do I love more of life and death. But I hate the turbulence. At least the onset of it.

It was, ‘Dar sabko lagta hain! Gala sabka sukhta hain !!’ (Preceded by G*** sabki fatati hain!) moment for almost everyone in the flight. I heard prayer followed and occasionally interrupted by abuses for weather, from a co-passenger.

As soon as the flight took off, it was continuous shuddering and occasional jerks. Soon, it was followed up rapid changes (climbing and falling) of altitudes numerous times. After 25 minutes or so, terbulance seemed to be over and dinner was served. We barely started eating and the terbulance was back, with an announcement (and signal) to fasten the seatbelts. ‘Abe yar, thoda pehle bola hota‘, I thought to myself. The unpacked dal and rice was staring right in my face. Ab plane jada hila to kya kya kya pakadu? A typical dag achhe hain moment !! Many people couldn’t eat out of tension. But ‘Kung-Fu Panda’ movies have taught me, eating helps in releasing tension. And what if it was the last supper? I ate every last grain of it. 🙂

In over a dozen flight experiences of mine, this was only turbulent flight. Few more things were also new to me. I saw ‘strangers openly talking to each other’ was way more than what I earlier observed. People were openly sharing their fears. Some confessed, that they will avoid air travel during rainy season. I too, asked to a seemingly more experienced flier, whether he have been in more turbulent flights.

One of the co-passengers was continuously praying with eyes closed and hands held in Namaste. When flight finally landed safely, he clapped, full of joy. Some loudly cheered with ‘Siyapati Ramchandra ki Jai’. While alighting some tried to prove they were not afraid, some admitted to it and some thanked the staff. Faces of the flight attendants were also expressing the same story.

Every smile felt more lively and coming from depth of hearts. I don’t know if I love life more. But, life is beautiful. And it is, because death is!

Afterall life is a fun-filled rollercoaster ride, since it gets a bit nervous and scary in-between !

But do I hate terbulance? I guess, it’s relative too ! Just dance your way through it.

For some ‘questions’, we don’t need answers ! (In Mark Mansons language) Just don’t give ‘it’ the f*** !!


  1. Sala faltu time pe padha Maine…it’s a rainy season too…. And u had turbulent flight Mumbai to Nagpur…. And I m going to mumbai….. Let see same turbulence comes across me or not…. If it come i might not praise to God…but some worst words will confirmly comes on my tip of tongue for u….. Lawd…a


  2. Our life is always full of uncertainty. we don’t know what happen in future time..so, we should live life as this day is last day of life..and this moment is last moment of life.


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