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आवडलेली कविता

ऐ इन्सानों कवि: गजानन माधव मुक्तिबोध आँधी के झूले पर झूलो आग बबूला बन कर फूलो कुरबानी करने को झूमो लाल सबेरे का मूँह चूमो ऐ इन्सानों ओस न चाटो अपने हाथों पर्वत काटो पथ की नदियाँ खींच निकालो जीवन पीकर प्यास बुझालो रोटी तुमको राम न देगा वेद तुम्हारा काम न देगा जो रोटी … Continue reading आवडलेली कविता

Dancing your way through the turbulence… !

Yesterday, I was thinking, what do I love more? Life or death? Answer, obviously, was far-off from my reach then ! But ‘the turbulent flight’ AI 629 from Mumbai to Nagpur today (June 9th), followed by a glass of Beer helped me to the answer. It’s relative! I am not sure what do I love … Continue reading Dancing your way through the turbulence… !

Disproof by Counterexample

If a statement is made on several numbers or objects and it is untrue, we can easily disprove (i.e. prove that it is false) by using a counterexample. If we show that the claim does not hold for any one of numbers or objects, our job is done. This method also help us in solving … Continue reading Disproof by Counterexample

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