Quick Thoughts: Stupidity, Inequations, Unlearning

As moving up needs efforts and falling down is natural (all thanks to gravity), growing wisdom takes efforts and growing mindlessness is natural (all thanks to infinite human stupidity.) And there’s avalanche of headless statements, arguments and propaganda, all fueled by connectedness of new world. At last, having a working gadget is cheaper and easier … Continue reading Quick Thoughts: Stupidity, Inequations, Unlearning

चिडिया और चुरुगन

हरिवंश राय बच्चन यांची पालक म्हणून किंवा पाल्य म्हणून, वाचण्यासारखी व आनंद घेण्यासारखी अप्रतिम कविता.   छोड़ घोंसला बाहर आया‚ देखी डालें‚ देखे पात‚ और सुनी जो पत्ते हिलमिल‚ करते हैं आपस में बात; माँँ‚ क्या मुझको उड़ना आया? “नहीं चुरूगन‚ तू भरमाया” डाली से डाली पर पहँुचा‚ देखी कलियाँ‚ देखे फूल‚ ऊपर उठ कर … Continue reading चिडिया और चुरुगन

कशी वाढवावी मुलांची बुध्दिमत्ता?

दोघी सासवा – सुना, दोघी माय – लेकी, दोघी नंदा, भावजा, तीन वडे, वाटणी का पडे? अगदी एकदोन आठवड्यांपूर्वी आईने आम्हाला हे कोडं घातलं. मुलांचे संगोपन हा विषय सांगताना माझ्या आईचा एक विशेष प्रयत्न नेहमी आठवणीत असतो तो म्हणजे हा. Critical Thinking Ability वाढविण्याचा. तिला माझ्या शाळेचा अभ्यास नाही घेता यायचा, परंतु ते तिचं काम … Continue reading कशी वाढवावी मुलांची बुध्दिमत्ता?

Assessment Strategies for Effective Teachers -Introduction

(‘Assessment’ is topic under continuous discussion at Faculty Room of Disha Edupoint. In t his article, I will attempt to put forth our initial discussion done on 4th of June, 2018.) What does ‘assessment’ mean? Though we will be discussing its meaning in acade mic sense only, I wish to bring to your attention, the … Continue reading Assessment Strategies for Effective Teachers -Introduction

Dancing your way through the turbulence… !

Yesterday, I was thinking, what do I love more? Life or death? Answer, obviously, was far-off from my reach then ! But ‘the turbulent flight’ AI 629 from Mumbai to Nagpur today (June 9th), followed by a glass of Beer helped me to the answer. It’s relative! I am not sure what do I love … Continue reading Dancing your way through the turbulence… !

Changing culture through language.

Changing culture through language is more about ‘choice of words and strength of character’, than the dialect. It was a casual discussion over ‘afternoon’ tea in ‘Faculty Room’ @Disha Edupoint, which gradually lead to realization of how our language affects our family, organisation, students, colleagues and most importantly, ourselves. I would like to start with … Continue reading Changing culture through language.

Disproof by Counterexample

If a statement is made on several numbers or objects and it is untrue, we can easily disprove (i.e. prove that it is false) by using a counterexample. If we show that the claim does not hold for any one of numbers or objects, our job is done. This method also help us in solving … Continue reading Disproof by Counterexample

Re-Introduction to Mathematics

Re-Introduction to Mathematics. Because you have studied this subject and know it. But do we know it’s true nature? I think, it will take a lifetime or more to do so. Let’s start now and see how far we can go. Find the video lecture on this topic. (In this video, the sound quality is … Continue reading Re-Introduction to Mathematics