About me

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Myself Rupeshkumar s/o Arjun Ghagi.

I like to venture into the unfamiliar domains and try to make my mark. My entrepreneurial success is the outcomes of passion to create. But there is something I love more. I love to teach and learn.

Bored easily by repetitive tasks, variation and experiments are what keeps me alive.



  • Founder Director of MAXIMESS (Pvt. Ltd.)
    • Founder of DISHA EDUPOINT, Warora
    • Disha Junior College, Warora
    • Disha School of Innovative Learning, Warora
  • Founder Director of THE EXCELLENCE, Pune

I am actively involved in all of the above ventures till now.



  • Contested MLA elections in 2009 and 2014 from Warora-Bhadrawati Constituency as Independent Candidate on own terms only using donation money. Lost deposit too. 🙂
  • Elected GS of Anand Niketan College, Warora in 2004-05.
    • Later in 2012 to 2014, interfered with students election to keep political parties out and choose GS by consensus. Was successful with it as Winning candidates were independent candidates and spent no money for election in any way.
  • Organised and Lead various creative agitations (andolans). Most of them were successful in bringing attention towards burning issues.
    • Renovation of Gandhi Garden, Warora: We cleaned the whole garden, organised drawing competition for kids and made a human chain on the day. Those in power had to take cognizance.
    •  Renovation of Roads in Warora: We celebrated the path-holes with procession. Municipal Corporation had to plunge into action quickly.
    • Zadu March to support JanLokpal Andolan (It was way before AAP). Everywhere in the country people were expressing support with candle march. I had seen many people support because it was ‘in trend’. We organised a ‘Zadu March’, where we cleaned and garlanded statues of Great Leaders on the way.
    •  Actively participated in various ‘andolans’ I thought honest with MLA Bachhu Kadu.
    • There are many more to write about, but I would prefer to stop here.
  • I try to work in Employment, Education, Healthcare and Environment. Instead of giving numbers, I would say, we are able to create a positive impact.


Teaching (and Expressing vies):

  • I have delivered more than 200 talks/speeches till now, ranging from motivational, social-change, teacher training, volunteer and staff training, transforming education etc.
  • Teaching Experience of more than 12 years. (Majorly Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Aptitude, Soft Skills etc.)
  • I write articles.



  • M.Sc (Physics) from Dept. of Physics, University of Pune (2007)
  • NET, SET, GATE (AIR 327), JEST (AIR 33) in 2007

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