Quick Thoughts: Stupidity, Inequations, Unlearning

  1. As moving up needs efforts and falling down is natural (all thanks to gravity), growing wisdom takes efforts and growing mindlessness is natural (all thanks to infinite human stupidity.)

And there’s avalanche of headless statements, arguments and propaganda, all fueled by connectedness of new world. At last, having a working gadget is cheaper and easier than having a sound, working mind !

  1. Human minds are intrinsically lazy. Who would spend energy in thorough thinking when following the herd like sheeps have served us till now?

We believe in romanticised equations of religiousness=virtuous, violent=brave, education=schooling, happiness=wealth etc. Whereas there are no equations. Key to quality life are inequations. Believing that homogeneity is essentially against everything we hold dear to humanity.

  1. Equations are to be crossed. Converted to inequations. That’s unlearning. We took centuries to realise particular race is not equal to particular quality, some gender is not superior to other, certain sexual orientation is better than other. We took centuries to convert these equations into inequations. The atrocities were carried out in the name of these equations, but I feel it mild as compared to what’s possible in todays superconnected world.

We need to master art of unlearning. Unlearning fast.

  1. Art of unlearning will be key trait of future generations. With things changing so fast, servival will be based on learning new skills continuesly. Changing the profession often, will be the necessity of tomorrow.

Hence unlearning-learning i.e. forgetting your reflexes you developed for particular task and acquiring new ones will be a challenge.

चिडिया और चुरुगन

हरिवंश राय बच्चन यांची पालक म्हणून किंवा पाल्य म्हणून, वाचण्यासारखी व आनंद घेण्यासारखी अप्रतिम कविता.


छोड़ घोंसला बाहर आया‚
देखी डालें‚ देखे पात‚
और सुनी जो पत्ते हिलमिल‚
करते हैं आपस में बात;
माँँ‚ क्या मुझको उड़ना आया?
“नहीं चुरूगन‚ तू भरमाया”

डाली से डाली पर पहँुचा‚
देखी कलियाँ‚ देखे फूल‚
ऊपर उठ कर फुनगी जानी‚
नीचे झुक कर जाना मूल;
माँँ‚ क्या मुझको उड़ना आया?
“नहीं चुरूगन तू भरमाया”

कच्चे–पक्के फल पहचाने‚
खाए और गिराए काट‚
खाने–गाने के सब साथी‚
देख रहे हैं मेरी बाट;
माँँ‚ क्या मुझको उड़ना आया?
“नहीं चुरूगन तू भरमाया”

उस तरु से इस तरु पर आता‚
जाता हूं धरती की ओर‚
दाना कोई कहीं पड़ा हो
चुन लाता हूं ठोक–ठठोर;
माँँ‚ क्या मुझको उड़ना आया?
“नहीं चुरूगन तू भरमाया”

मैं नीले अज्ञात गगन की
सुनता हू अनिवार पुकार
कोई अंदर से कहता है
उड़ जा‚ उड़ता जा पर मार;
माँँ‚ क्या मुझको उड़ना आया?

“आज सफल हैं तेरे डैने
आज सफल है तेरी काया”

~ हरिवंश राय बच्चन