Disproof by Counterexample

If a statement is made on several numbers or objects and it is untrue, we can easily disprove (i.e. prove that it is false) by using a counterexample. If we show that the claim does not hold for any one of numbers or objects, our job is done. This method also help us in solving … Continue reading Disproof by Counterexample

Re-Introduction to Mathematics

Re-Introduction to Mathematics. Because you have studied this subject and know it. But do we know it’s true nature? I think, it will take a lifetime or more to do so. Let’s start now and see how far we can go. Find the video lecture on this topic. (In this video, the sound quality is … Continue reading Re-Introduction to Mathematics

काही मनांत ज्योत पेटावी म्हणून…

जगण्याला धार असली पाहीजे, कड्यावरून कोसळणाऱ्या पाण्यासारखी, पाजवलेल्या पात्यासारखी, किंवा ताज्या खोल जखमेतून उसळणाऱ्या, उष्ण रक्तासारखी, आवेग, कुठल्यातरी कारणानं, हृदय कायम ढोल बडवत असलं पाहीजे, अण्, छातीचा भाता, शब्दांनी, श्वासांनी, कायम पेटवत असला पाहीजे, पेटत असला पाहीजे, जग जाळण्याठी नव्हे, काही मनांत ज्योत पेटावी म्हणून…

Thumb rules of Good Parenting

(The following article contains bullet points from Parenting Seminar I delivered at couple of schools. Hope it will be helpful.) Dear Parents, • Of all the organizations we are part of, the most underestimated and neglected organization is our family. We all need to find a way out to utilize most of the potential of … Continue reading Thumb rules of Good Parenting

प्रभावी शिक्षकाचे प्रमुख गुण

मूळ लेख  Top Qualities of Effective Teacher (http://rupeshghagi.com/top-qualities-of-effective-teacher/)  चे चैताली दंदे व शरद कळस्कर यांनी केलेले भाषांतर. एक  प्रभावी शिक्षकाचे उत्कृष्ट गुणविशेष काय आहेत? कोणत्या गोष्टी त्यांना इतरांपेक्षा वेगळे बनवते?  हे प्रश्न आम्ही दिशा एज्यु पॉइंट येथे दिनांक ०८ मे २०१८ ला झालेल्या शिक्षकांच्या सभेत चर्चेला घेतले आणि मी या ठिकाणी त्यासंबंधी महत्त्वाचे मुद्दे ठेवण्याचा … Continue reading प्रभावी शिक्षकाचे प्रमुख गुण

How to create a good lesson plan !

(What are the components of best lecture plan? How can we plan the knowledge delivery to achieve best possible learning in students? This was the questions we asked ourselves in ‘Weekly Teachers Meet’ at Disha Edupoint dated 16th May, 2018. This is my attempt to organize and present what we discussed.)   Is teaching an … Continue reading How to create a good lesson plan !

Top qualities of ‘Effective Teacher’ !

(What are the top qualities of an effective teacher? What makes them stand out? This was the question we asked ourselves in ‘Weekly Teachers Meet’ at Disha Edupoint dated 8th May, 2018. We had a great group discussion and I am trying to put down the crux of our discussion here.)   Teachers are nation … Continue reading Top qualities of ‘Effective Teacher’ !